When couples separate, the question of custody of the child is often the most contentious and complicated. Safeguarding the rights and well-being of children is a high priority of Clint Lawson.

Clint Lawson has successfully represented clients in all aspects of divorce-related issues involving children—custody, support and visitation. Clint prefers to avoid the harmful effects of litigation on a child from a lengthy tug-of-war custody battle. He strives for the timely resolution of custody cases to minimize the discord between parents.

With the best interest of the child as his focus, we also work to protect our client's parental rights. Clint works closely with his clients to educate them regarding their decisions and how treatment of the other parent will affect the child. Clint may recommend mediation to facilitate compromise and settlement.

Of primary importance is both parents maintaining an accessible and healthy relationship with the child, if possible.

Clint is skilled and experienced in representing clients with all types of child-related issues, such as: