If the parties to a divorce have accrued valuable assets, it is always prudent to put in place safeguards to protect them, whether before marriage, during marriage, in anticipation of divorce, or in the divorce process itself. Texas is one of nine community property states, having adopted community property from Mexico after gaining independence in 1836. As a general rule, property acquired before marriage as well as gifts and inheritances received before or during marriage are treated as separate property. Property acquired during a marriage is treated as community property and is subject to division between the spouses. Several items of consideration require careful attention many others overlook, including commingling, tracing, inception of title and common law marriage.

Clint Lawson is experienced in providing counsel and drafting documents that will protect your interests. Furthermore, Clint has experience in financially complex divorce cases which may require the assistance of forensic accountants or other specialized tracing.

Some of the issues that Clint may assist you with are: